Azenix Mega Pak (All Products)

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This Includes all other Products on sellfy.
Azenix Premier Rig ( 

  • Watch to learn more.

  • Spend less time importing, rerigging, binding bones and fiddling with the controls and instead spend more time making quality art. 

  • Enjoy advanced features such as fatness control, smart ankle bending, arm stretch, a facerig, and many more! Not to mention smooth edges.

  • This rig was designed to be a swiss army of rigs, It can be used for just about anything from, Animation and GFX to 3D Printing.

Azenix Shaders (currently not availble seperately)

  • Easy to apply materials that can be put in any scene. These were handcrafted with 19 hours of work.

  • Normal materials look like you printed out the texture and pasted it on the object. Azenix Shader looks and acts like it's 3D.
    Quick support: For those of you who can't get it to change colors make sure to not delete the object in the viewport, and select it instead of the actual material, I included some common settings in there, and it interferes with the normal rig.

Azenix Exporter: (

  • Stop spending 5 to 10 minutes just exporting characters and maps from roblox This is a highly unessecary process.The Azenix Exporter provides a streamlined solution. After installing, Just enter a username and export. No need to align the character, rotate them or play in test mode. 

  • The Azenix Exporter has many more features which are listed on the main product page ( or can be seen in the video (

Azenix Legacy Rig: (

  • Note: these rigs have been replaced by the Azenix Premier Rig ( and will not recieve updates.

  • The R15 and Legacy rigs were both the first of their kind. The R15 was the First R15 rig (and still the only public one). Spend less time importing, rerigging, binding bones and fiddling with the controls and instead spend more time making quality art. Once you use it you don't go back.

  • If that isn't enough for you to go ahead and buy it, then check this out. Kidveggito uses it to pose his characters! You can see him use it here, (Note: He now uses my Premier rig)

Additional notes:

  • Current Azenix Mega Pak Version on Sellfy is v1.6.0

  • Azenix Exporter works with any 3D software supporting .obj files.

  • The Azenix Premier Rig, Legacy Rig, R15 Rig and Azenix Shaders are only compatiable with Cinema 4D.

  • I will remake the Azenix Shaders and allow that to be purchased seperately eventually

REVIEWS (didnt remove this section from the description because i don't have it anywhere else)
"Idek, nothing to really to go in depth about. I just like it, its easier to use than what i used b4" -KidVeggito on Discord
"I luv
It*" - KidVeggito also on Discord

5/5, Whats Good: Well everything, Overpriced = No, Well wen I bought this product opened it up the winrar had instructions which helped alot! It was perfectly loading and was easy to use! Would love to see more stuff from Azenix cause right now this product is great!"
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