Mending a Broken Heart

Doctor's have observed being in love can have the same effect on the brain as taking drugs. You feel high. Naturally of course, in a good way.  However, when  a relationship ends, we can suffer withdraw symptoms like compulsive thoughts, a sense of emptiness inside, loss of hope and a craving for what once was.

Just as hypnosis can be effective to help people with any other addiction and put a negative pattern behind them for good, hypnosis can help someone with a "broken heart" calm down any intrusive, compulsive thoughts about the person you've been in love with.  It can help someone move on and progress the natural healing process by teaching you to put a more calm distance between you and your ex. 

The cliche is true: time heals all wounds. And hypnosis can speed up that process so you feel calmer, more confident with a much brighter mood, much quicker.
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