VIDEO - Rin's face covering


Face covering is a beautiful and creative way of long hair art.
Rin has almost floor length hair, so covering her face is no match for her and she can easily wrap it around her head by wrapping it and wrapping it and wrapping it.. Round after round after round.
Her thick, healthy, super long hair suits her and her way of doing long hair play and display perfectly, so it's great that she has decided to grow her hair much longer too. For her, floor length is not long enough at all, so you know that she is a true long hair lover with a huge passion for growing her hair extremely long.

In this video, you will see her doing long hair play and display, face covering, wrapping it around her face/head and neck, long hair brushing, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair smelling, bun and bundrop and much more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 11. February 2020

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