Giant Jackson

Giant Jackson is here! Jackson stomps down stairs to the kitchen in the morning and goes about his morning routine while you scurry under him trying to get his attention. He picks up his cup of coffee and cereal bowl and heads into the living room but there's a tiny inside the coffee cup, he puts them down and notices the little pest and flings him off his cup. Another tiny runs for his feet but he puts them up on the table with an itch he scratches his feet together and the tiny falls into the bowl and accidently gets eaten. Third tiny is on the counter top when he dumps left overs out of the fridge and the tiny climbs in which was a mistake, he puts them in the oven to heat up which has basically cooked you alive, you are just enough life in you to see him take the first bite which was you. 

Duration: 4:03 Stomping sound effects with foot fall. No tiny dialogue, no tiny subtitles.

**This video is for your viewing pleasure only. Please do not upload or sell anywhere else. Enjoy**
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