#9 Ludwig Smack Beauty Snare Sample

I think this is my favourite sample I've ever made. The Ludwig Black Beauty is such an iconic snare drum - it's bright, beautiful and has just the right amount of body for a rock mix. On this sample, I tuned my Black Beauty to a D4 on the batter head, cranked the resonant head for a solid rock tuning and dampened the drum using a Snareweight and a tiny bit of a moongel.

The sample was created to act a as a natural and real sounding layer rock, metal and punk mixes, but it will also sound great as a virtual instrument.

It comes as 64 separate .wavs (from very soft to very hard hits - 44.1khz/24 bit) and a Slate Trigger file (TCI).

I love it, and if you buy it and you don't love it then i'll give you 100% of the money back, and you can keep the sample.
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