PCN-303 Topic 1 DQ 1

Read the following case study from “Professional Ethics: A Shared Responsibility: Clinicians and Supervisors Must Not Perpetuate Improper Activity Through Inaction,” by Clark-Patterson from Addiction Professional,(2009), located in the GCU eLibrary at http://find.galegroup.com.library.gcu.edu:2048/gtx/infomark.do?&contentSet=IAC-Documents&type=retrieve&tabID=T003&prodId=PPCJ&docId=A206544040&source=gale&srcprod=PPCJ&userGroupName=canyonuniv&version=1.0

Discuss the ethical issues apparent in this vignette. Posted response should be between 300-400 words. APA format not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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