Small Mushroom Hub/Spawn

This is a relatively compact server Hub with a mushroom theme, it features a main spawn area which leads to 4 portals. The walk area is relatively small but when you look up the area keeps expanding and becomes larger. The main use of blocks was birch and sandstone, and for the roofs different kinds of mushroom blocks were used, aswell as in each corner there are nice trees too add some nature. [Size approx~ 90x90]

If your order is higher than 5$ you get to choose a free additional build! If you qualify for this, contact me via MC-Market or Discord: Vauhwi#5658 to get it arranged!

-- - -- TOS -- - --
~Once the product has bought you can not ask for a refund in any way.

~You are not allowed to resell this product.

~If there are any issues with the file or the build itself, plea
se contact me on Discord: Vauhwi#5658

~Don't claim you made the build.

~Don't share the file with anyone else, unless you work for the same server. (to prevent it being leaked).

-- - -- TOS -- - --
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