Airline Reservation

Airline Reservation

You must use Object Oriented Programming to design this project.

Write a reservation system for an airline flight. Assume the airplane has 10 rows with 4 seats in each row. Use a two dimensional array of strings to maintain a seating chart. In addition create a array to be used as a waiting list in case the plane is full. The waiting list should be "first come first serve" that is people who are added early in the list get the priority over those who are added later. Allow the user to add three options

1. Add a passenger to the list.

a. Request the passenger's name.

b. Display a chart of the seats in the airplane in a tabular form

c. If seats are available let the passenger choose a seat. Add the passenger to the seating chart.

d. If no seats are available, place the passenger on the waiting list.

2. Remove a passenger from the list

a. Request the passengers name

b. Search the seating chart for the passenger's name and delete it.

c. If the waiting list is empty, update the array so that the seat is available,

d. If the waiting list is not empty remove the first person from the list, and give him or her the newly vacated seat.

3. Quit

You will need to use string methods defined in java.lang.String in the documentation reference.

String comparision function names are as follows

equal, equalIgnoreCase.

You must use OOP Concepts learnt in the class. (As much as possible.)
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