HRM 310 Week 4 Communicating Change Presentation

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HRM 310 Week 4 Communicating Change

This assignment
continues your Learning Team assignment from Week Two. Assume the same role of
a midlevel manager at the selected organization. In this management position,
you supervise two to four first-level managers. The organization is about to go
through a major change such as a move to new location, added technology,
streamline of the workforce with more shared responsibilities, and so forth. In
preparation for this change, you must create a presentation to your employees
to guide them in successfully managing the change with their entry-level

Resource: Change Management Memo assignment from Week Two

Create a 12- to 15-slide
PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker's notes. The
presentation must include the following: 

  • Discuss the
    leadership role you expect your management team to have in implementing
    the change. 

  • Explain the
    need to communicate the shared vision for the entire organization. 

  • Share at
    least three communication tools that can be used to communicate the shared
    vision and ensure employee understanding. 

  • Discuss the
    importance of enlisting the employee involvement. 

  • Describe at
    least three examples of how to enlist employee involvement in response to
    this change. 

Format your paper consistent with APA
guidelines. At least two references and a references page are required.

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the Turnitin Report separately.

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