With Power Sigils 

How to become a powerful magician? Simple. Declare yourself a magician, behave like a magician, practice magic every day.

Be honest about your progress, your successes, and failures. Tripping on 500 mushrooms might loosen your astral sphincter a little but it will not generally confer upon you any of the benefits of the magic I'm discussing here. Magic is about what you bring BACK from the Shining Realms of the subconscious. The magician dives into the Immense Other in search of tips and hints and treasures s/he can bring home to enrich life in the solid world. And if necessary, Fake it till you make it.


All you need to begin the practice of magic is concentration, imagination and the ability to laugh at yourself and learn from mistakes. Some people like to dress up as Egyptians or monks to get themselves in the mood; others wear ani­mal masks or Barbarella costumes. The use of ritual para­phernalia functions as an aid to the imagination only. Anything you can imagine, anything you can symbolize, can be made to produce magical changes in your environment.

What is a sigil?

The use of sigils: Enshrine your desire in a short sentence; write out the sentence and then put down all the individual letters of which it is composed, omitting any repetition of a letter. When the sentence has been reduced to a minimum number of letters, unite them graphically in one composite glyph which does not suggest the nature of the desire. Then—and this is of great importance—forget the desire and sink the sigil in the subconsciousness.

This is the aim of almost all forms of magic but a difference here lies in the simplicity of the method employed, requiring as it does no ceremonial equipment or the participation of a concourse of adepts. The specific desire for which any given magical operation is designed must be visualized subconsciously, while the conscious mind is rendered oblivious of the process. When any concept intrudes upon the mind it breeds on contact with it, and there always remains part of an idea which, because its meaning is cryptic and therefore enigmatic to the ordinary consciousness, fecundates the subconsciousness. By observing what occurs to this conceptual residue I was able to build up a system of sigils which facilitated entry of the total desire to subliminal realms, there to search out its own level and germinate secretly and unobtrusively.

Any wish may be given symbolic form, but in this case, the form should bear no pictorial approximation to the particular desire in question. By magical means the symbol may then be implanted in the subconsciousness, there to await ultimate extrusion as reified fact after having bypassed the conscious censor and attracted all the necessary elements from the external world. It is, however, of the
utmost importance that the conscious mind may conceive nothing from such a symbol.

Power Sigils are the next evolution of magical enchantments. Through the many years of experience in Radionics I  have developed a powerful set of sigils for everyday use. This package is designed to give you the tools and the knowledge and the understanding to become a powerful magician.
This package includes:


Stop Stuttering 
Peace (Especially for Men) 
Creating or Enhancing Inner 
Powering your Mind for Improved Eyesight 
Improving your Memory and Memory Skills 
Improving your Grades - Whether you're in 5th Grade or Working on your Ph.D.! 
Powering your Mind to Improve Golfing 
Powering your Mind to be Better Organized 
Feng Shui your Life 
Powering your Mind to Overcome your Fear of Success Remove all success blocks 
Powering your Mind to Overcome Fears or Phobias Regarding Driving on 
Discovering and Heightening your Powers of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) 
Discovering and Enhancing your Sexual Pleasure & Intimacy 
Powering Your Mind to Increase or Improve Your Energy Levels 
Ease Stress and Help you Deal with Stressful Situations 
Improving Dyslexia 
Avoid Attracting Unnecessary and Harmful Drama into your Life 
Relief from Diabetes 
Overcoming SAD and Depression 
Mastering Creative Visualization 
Controlling and Mastering Concentration and Focus 
Mastering Charisma 
Lowering And Improving Blood Pressure 
Improving the Way that you Perceive your Body 


8 secret power sigils

3 secret ebooks

Strength of the Gods Talisman

Ebook and Video

You may have heard urban legends about "the lady who was able to lift a whole car in an emergency" but, believe it or not, it's not just a legend. They're talking about Angela Cavallo, whose son was working on the suspension of a 1964 Impala when the car slipped off of the jack and trapped him in the wheel well.

Angela ran out to find her unconscious son pinned under the car. Rather than saying something passive aggressive about how she "told him to get that thing out of her garage," she yelled for a neighbor to go get help, and when help wasn't coming fast enough for her liking, proceeded to lift the car off her son with her bare hands.

The Strength of the Gods Talisman enhances the user's natural power to manipulate fields of energy as well as allowing the user to increase their Strength 50% to 200%. Users of The Strength of the Gods Talisman have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the known universe.

Power Sigils ALWAY WORK the key element is how long will it take for this action to fully manifest in this reality. One time I put together a sigil to get a girl who I thought was very attractive at the time she had a boyfriend. I cast Sigil and nothing happened. Three years later after I had gotten married and she had broken up with her boyfriend she comes knocking on my door. Too little too late I had already moved on with my life.
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