480 : Fiat 500 morning trip - Starring Miss Iris

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Added on August 29, 2019

Welcome to another day in your office...

It's Monday and anybody wants to work, as always. You have an important package that you have to ship today, so why not asking Iris to go to the post office for you? You give her the package and you send her to the post office. She says you that today she arrived at the office with her old Fiat 500 which had some problems in those days, but she will try to arrive on time at the post office and ship your package!

She enters the car, turns the key and...the car won't start! Oh c'mon she can't be late! There is enough fuel, the battery is charged, so why doesn't it want to start???

After some struggling the Fiat finally starts...She is so happy! She doesn't waste time and she quickly hit the road to the post office.
During the way Miss Iris has a break at the fast food, she enjoys an ice cream then she makes another stop at the gas station and finally ... the parcel is safely shipped on time!