Kat Shaves Pistol Vegas Bald Headed

Kat Surth and Pistol Vegas are sitting in front of a roaring fire, when things start to heat up. The first thing to go is Pistol's blonde wig. Next is Pistol's short hair. The Oster clippers are flicked on as Pistol awaits the first bite. She laughs as her hair falls into her lap and onto her bare feet. Kat uses the powdered neck duster brush several times throughout Pistol's haircut. The powder combined with the brush is an excellent way to remove those ticklish hairs. For the ultimate head shave, Kat surprises Pistol with a hot lather dispenser. Pistol's head is expertly shaved twice with the straight-edge razor as the first blade seemed a bit dull. Both women very much enjoyed this clippering and head shaving experience. What better way to bond with friends than to shave their heads? Duration:47 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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