Derek Henderson - 2018 Profile

Just after Blading Cup 2017, Derek Henderson sought out to create his first ever professionally produced full length section. During the filming process, he received a phone call asking if he'd like to skate pro for Razors. 

He thought they'd never ask!

Hailing from Fresno, California, Derek has been blading since he was 8 years old, and riding for Razors since 2009. Now a proud husband and father, and founder/owner of S9 Bearings, Derek is cementing his legacy as the most menacing, passionate, and powerful blader in Central Cali. Don't mistake his kindness for weakness though, because the rattlesnake of rollerblading has bite - and a venemous trick vocabulary!

The $1 fee is simply to cover production costs, and earn Derek a little walk around money. Or, maybe consider it a down payment on your pair of his Razors pro skate?

Half of the proceeds go to filmer/editor Gary Magill. The other half of the proceeds go to Derek Henderson.

Filmed by: Gary Magill and Joji Ihara
Edited by: Gary Magill
Artwork by: Erik Beltran
Song: Pantera - Epidemic 
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