Pepper's Military Flat Top - A Fire Fighter's Duty - Digital Video on Demand VOD

Pepper has become a firefighter, and needs the proper haircut for work. While wearing her firefighter shirt uniform, Pepper stops by a barbershop for a strict military flat top haircut. Pepper is caped with a traditional pinstriped barber cape and a neck strip wrapped around her neck. The female barber uses a variety of tools - electric clippers, combs, brushes, straight-edge razor, gel, hot shaving lather, hot steam towels - to first create a longer, sexy flat top, before shortening that extremely down for the flat top that firefighters and military personal often sport.The viewer will see the haircut process through several camera angles, split screen, and picture-in-picture. Pepper is all smiles during the haircut. So exciting to have such a wonderful job! And to receive such an awesome haircut! Video is 1 hours and 35 minutes, 1089 MB for screen size, 720x480, Windows Media 9 format
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