Lesson One: Assignments 1-5 Textbook pages 406-545       

Which states were the centers of global trade prior to 1492? How did economic motives provide the impetus behind European exploration and expansion? What other motives were there? What inventions proved helpful? Who do you think benefitted most from new global interactions?

Lesson Two: Assignments 6-10 Textbook pages 546-693

What ideologies of change were spread by revolutionary France? Who tried to suppress these new ideas? Why? What were the results? How did society change as a result of the French and Industrial Revolutions?

Lesson Three: Assignments 11-15 Textbook pages 694-837 What were the causes of the Cold War? What were the consequences? In what arenas were these differences in ideologies play out? Where are these rivalries still evident today?

Lesson Four: Assignments 16-19 Textbook pages 838-953 How have advancements in science, technology, mass communication and medicine changed the world? Provide at least three examples. In your opinion what was the single most significant event or invention in history? Why?

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