Herbal prescription formulator

This handy tool allows you to select from a comprehensive list of over 500 herbs from 4 different brands.

The herb data can now also be edited to suit your practice.

With the selection of each herb, the following information is automatically populated:
- Latin binomial name
- Ratio
- Weekly dosage range
- Info flags (contains tannins or alkaloids or for topical use only etc)
- Pregnancy and lactation safety categories

You then enter the amounts for each herb and the dosage instructions.

Based on the values entered, the formulator will calculate the number of days the herbal formula will last and provide a completion date.

There are 4 different child dosage calculators, which also update allowing you to simply add the childs weight or age to get an alternate formula dose for a child.

This convenient formulator takes the time and confusion out of preparing a formula for your clients, allowing you more time to discuss your treatment plan.
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