MTH 220 Week 3 Signature Assignment Regression Lines

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MTH 220 Week 3 Signature Assignment: Regression Lines

Review the instructional video on how to use regression in Microsoft® Excel® (if you have forgotten from Week 2).

Input your data into Microsoft® Excel® (data and years).

Create a scatter plot.

Insert a polynomial trendline with degree of 2. Make sure to show the equation and the R-square value. Also make sure you label each axis and give a title to your graph. Then repeat this process for a linear trendline in a new Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.

Answer the following questions in 175 to 260 words in the same Microsoft® Excel® worksheet as the graph:

Which of the trendlines fits the data better? How can you tell?
Compare and contrast the shape of the linear regression trendline with the shape of the quadratic.
Which do you think will eventually grow faster?  Thinking about the type of data you have, do you think your data will grow quickly over time? 
Which (lines or quadratics) has a minimum or maximum value? Thinking about the type of data you have, do you think your data has a minimum or maximum?
Save your Microsoft® Excel® file, including the graphic and your commentary. Make sure you do not delete your files, as you will need them in subsequent weeks. Your assignment will be graded with the Week 3 Grading Guide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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