Demonseed #9 - Hi Res Edition

Chico is in a spot of trouble as Deion’s super-pregnant state seems to have rubbed off on him during their last adventure! Seeking help from the shaman demon witch, Mama Baga, he and Deion discover Rhoda has already sought them out and seems to have turned over a new leaf… But can she be trusted?

Featuring hot new artwork and a super exciting story! A new pregnancy and impregnation themed hentai graphic novel of enticing comic book erotica from MA Press. Featuring a script by Martin “Bugby” Adams and artwork by the sensational Alessandra “Krystalvix” Roga! Adults only!

25 Pages, black/white - hi-res printable edition *Due to the digital nature of this product and the risks of piracy with its subject matter, all sales are final. Contact us if delivery issues or download errors occur.
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