When someone is homelesshomeless, he or she can receive help from churches. A friend was homeless and she received a hot meal[MSOffice1] , and some money. The churches being so giving in rough times was a blessing to her. There[MSOffice2]  are many homeless people who have no one, but when they try to help themselves[MSOffice3] ; they may find help from others.


Here is another short story.


A girl, her name was Ssally. She borrowed money for a car[MSOffice4] . Sally kept the minimum insurances required to drive, but she caused an accident and totaled both cars. Sally lost her job and couldn’tcould not[MSOffice5]  afford the payments of repairs for the cars, remaining car paymentspayments, nor or[MSOffice6]  insurance. Paying for the insurance that cost more each month could have saved Sally from losing her job by providing a rental car.


 [MSOffice1]Comma error (Rule #3): Do not use a comma if each side of the conjunction is not an independent clause, and do not separate the subject and verb with a comma. (This error is often called a comma split.)
 [MSOffice2]Sentence Error (Writing Tip #9): Do not begin a sentence with "There" as it weakens the sentence and usually forces the sentence into passive voice.
 [MSOffice3]Punctuation error:
 [MSOffice4]Sentence error: Sentence is long and confusing. “A girl named Sally borrowed money for a car.”
 [MSOffice5]Word Choice Error (Writing Tip #7): Do not use contractions in formal writing.
 [MSOffice6]Word choice error: either/or, neither/nor.
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