Reading the table

Some players like to use software to improve their game. But you can learn how to read the table the same way softwares do!
This is a must when a lot of sites are banishing these softwares to make fair game and give the same chances to all players.
If you want to have better chances, this e-book is perfect for you!
In 30 pages you will learn how to foresee when someone has a better hand than you, if someone is bleffing, and the right moments to play agressive!
You don't need software to be a shark at poker! You just need to know how to make better decisions!
You will read about the basic rules of Texas Hold'em
How to read the table
To control the size of the pot
To play position
And much more!


This is an e-book in an epub format! Make sure you have an epub reader before you purchase it!
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