Toyota Truck 6HBC30, 6HBC40, 6HBE30, 6HBE40, 6HBW30, 6TB50 SN 20011-23999 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Toyota Electric Pallet Truck Type 6HBW.

Original factory manuals for Toyota (BT) Forclift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, contains Searchable Text and Navigation Bookmarks

Covered models:
6HBC30 sn:20011-23999
6HBC40 sn:20011-23999
6HBE30 sn:20011-23999
6HBE40 sn:20011-23999
6HBW30 sn:20011-23999
6TB50 sn:20011-23999

Format: PDF, 251 Pages
Language: English

 How to Use This Manual 
     Map of the Manual 
     Table of Contents 
    Generalsafe ty 
    Battery Safety 
    Staticsafe ty 
    JackingSafe ty 
    Tie-down for Transport 
    Welding Safety 
Systems Overview 
    Truck Model Identification 
    Vehicle Specifications 
    General System Data 
    Theory of Operation 
Scheduled Maintenance 
    How to Use This Chapter 
    Electrical Troubleshooting Guidelines 
    Hydraulic Troubleshooting Guidelines 
    Electrical Comector Locator Chart 
    List of Troubleshooting Charts 
    Troubleshooting Flowcharts 
Component Procedures 
    Component Locators 
    Lubrication Equivalency Chart 
    Torque Chart  Standard 
    Torque Chart Metric 
    Decimal Equivalent Chart 
    Standard/Metric Conversions 
Electrical Schematic 
Index .
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