Managerial Accounting: P13-1A You are provided with the following transactions

Managerial Accounting
You are provided with the following transactions that took place during a recent fiscal year.
Transaction Where Reported on Statement Cash Inflow, Outflow, or No Effect?
(a) Recorded depreciation expense on theplant assets.
(b) Recorded and paid interest expense.
(c) Recorded cash proceeds from a sale ofplant assets.
(d) Acquired land by issuing common stock.
(e) Paid a cash dividend to preferred stockholders.
(f) Distributed a stock dividend to commonstockholders.
(g) Recorded cash sales.
(h) Recorded sales on account.
(i) Purchased inventory for cash.
(j) Purchased inventory on account.

Complete the table indicating whether each item (1) should be reported as an operating (O) activity, investing (I) activity, financing (F) activity, or as a noncash (NC) transaction reported in a separate schedule, and (2) represents a cash inflow or cash outflow or has no cash flow effect. Assume use of the indirect approach.
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