manifesting zoom group

manifesting zoom group

Dearest Beloved,

Thank you so much for saying yes to joining this extremely potent master manifestational Zoom group, It is such a powerful opportunity for us all to gather and connect with other personally…

I will be sharing some extremely powerful tools to assist you on your path of becoming a master manifester which is one of the main reasons souls keep returning to the earth plane to attain..

The call will take place via zoom, zoom is a lot like skype, but it's an easier platform to have fairly large group meetings..

Here is the link to download zoom on your phone or your computer..

The call will start at 2.22 pm uk time, however I will be online 5 mins early to assist anyone who may have trouble getting on..

At around 2.20 pm uk time please click this link and this will take you directly into the zoom room where i will be waiting to greet you and welcome you onto this potentially life changing call.. Here is the link to join the call..


So looking forward to gathering with you

Love jen
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