Queen Bee: Identifying and Decapitating the Jezebel Spirit (Series)

The Jezebel spirit has attacked the church and the believer for so long that most people have learned to live with it and tolerate it.  Additionally, many churches have learned to overlook its operations. By doing so, they unknowingly submit to that wicked principality and end up living lives full of contention, lack, frustration and chaos.  It's time to take the believer and the church back!

Introducing the Queen Bee Series: Identifying and Decapitating the Jezebel Spirit.  This powerful set includes:
Part I: Introduction
Part II: The Beehive
Part III: Jezebel-in-Law
Part IV: Jezebel's Debt
Part V: Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit

Educate yourself about the Jezebel spirit and learn how to fight back.
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