Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS 513, EKS 515(K), EKX 513, EKX 515(K) Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Jungheinrich Order Picker.

Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
    EKS 513 (from 06.2007)
    EKS 515 (from 06.2007)
    EKS 515K (from 06.2007)
    EKX 513 (from 06.2007)
    EKX 515 (from 06.2007)
    EKX 515K (from 06.2007)

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained Set of PDF Manuals:
    1. Operating Instructions (05.2007-04.2012), PDF, 341 Pages
    2. Operating Instructions (from 05.2012), PDF, 553 Pages
    3. Service Manual, Part 1, PDF, 1011 Pages
        Safety Notes
        Component Layout
        EKX 513 Speed Performance Setting
        Hydraulic Speeds
        Wiring Diagrams (Electrical / Hydraulic)
        Event Messages
        BUS systems
        Brakes / Brake Functions
        Braking Distances in Relation to Speed
        Load wheel brakes
        Disassembly / Assembly and Replacement of Controller Components
        Disassembly I Assembly of the Gas Pressure Damper and
        Control Panel Adjuster Magnet 9Y3 of theTilt Adjusting Unit
        Control panel
        Deadman Button Setting
        Jungheinrich ISM
        ISM Component Assembly
        Computer A2 Input Routing, Output Routing
        Pin Layout for Saab Connectors
        Controller, computer and CAN-Bus analysis
        Node IDs (Can IDs), Names, Assembly Location of Computers in Truck
        ATECH Zivan NG9 On-Board Charger
        GFTI I D80/150 HRS - TOP On-Board Charger
        Current Collectors, Bus Bars and "Power Transfer" Distributor Boxes
        On-Board Charger, Current Collector - Settings in JUDIT
        Speed Sensors 1B10, 1B10.1, 1B11 and 1B11.1
        Load Wheel Diagnostics
        Speed Sensors 1B10 and 1B11
        General Description of Controller and Drive Systems
        AC-3 Power Control
        Drive System Drive Motor 1M1
        Sensor (BERU)
        Single Wheel Transmission
        Replacing the Wheel Bolts
        Transmission Oil Replacement
        Drive Wheel Disassembly / Assembly
        Vulkollan Wheel Wear Limits
        Nord-Lock lockwashers
        Battery Lock Left/Right Initiators (7B13 I 7B13.1)
        Disassembly / Assembly of Operator Position Carriage with Mast Assembled and Cabin
        RG 16-E Rescue Belt
    4. Service Manual, Part 2, PDF, 1323 Pages
        Technical Specifications
        Skylotec rescue equipment
        Instructions for Handling and Checking the Fall Protection Equipment
        PPS Scanner Front Screen Cleaning and Replacement
        Software and Parameter Setting
        47-segment and indicator displays
        Test List - PersonalSafetySystem (PPS)
        Protection Field and Warning Field Change with the Personal Protection System (PPS)
        S 3000 Laser Scanner Design
        Securing the driver platform I mast
        Mast Anchoring Assemblies
        Mechanical Tilt Safety Device
        Electric Support Column
        Slack Chain Safety Device 2S69, 2S69.1, 2S69.2 and 2S69.3
        Main Lift Sensor Bearings 2B5 I 2B5.1 and Main Lift Reference Sensor 2B8
        Sensor Bearing
        Operator Position Carriage Sensor Bearing 2B6 (2B6.1) and Operator Position Carriage
        ReferenceSensor 2B9Operator Position Carriage Sensor Bearing 2B6 (2B6.1)
        Adjusting the Spring Path on the Mast Cable
        Replacing the Gasket Kit on the Lift Cylinder Head
        Disassembly / Assembly / Adjustment of Mast Rollers and Plastic Slide Pieces
        Mast - Truck Chassis Assembly / Disassembly
        Adjusting the ZT and DZ Masts
        Mast Disassembly
        Mast Rollers with Eccentrics
        Automatic Chain Lubrication
        Load Chains (Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication)
        Marker Ring Adjustment on Dipstick
        Adjusting the "Traverse" and "Rotate" pressure relief valves
        on the "driver's position carriage" (H2)hydraulic control block
        Relief pressure setting on the hydraulic control block in the "drivecompartment" (H1)
        Bleeding the Hydraulic Cylinders
        Bleeding the Rotary Drive
        Aspirating / Bleeding t he Hydraulic System
        Pump motor 2M1
        Drive Compartment Assembly-Hydraulic Control Block H1
        Hydraulic control block H2 in the operator position carriage
        Replacing the Hydraulic Oil Filter
        Clearance Height Mechanical Adjustment
        Telescopic Shuttle Table
        Symmetrical Fork Positioner
        Measuring and Adjusting the Mast Tilt on the EFX 410/413
        Turret Head Disassembly / Assembly and Adjustment
        Self-Aligning Bearing, Lateral Guidance Wheel and Drive Shaft Replacement
        Backing Roller Replacement
        Power cable drag tray
        Rotate Actual Value Transmitter (8U28)
        Auxiliary Mast Disassembly / Assembly
        Adjusting the Auxiliary Mast Mechanical 90° End Stops
        Auxiliary Lift Sensor Bearing 2B7 and Auxiliary Lift Reference Sensor 2B10
        Disassembly / Assembly of Auxiliary Lift Cylinder and Piston
        Judit - Descriptions
        Guided Commissioning
        Swivel Traverse Frame Assembly / Disassembly
        Load Wheel Magnetic Brake 7Y6 / 7Y7
        User instruction guidelines
        Maintenance Charts
        Steering Actual Value Transmitter 3U9 Disassembly / Assembly and Adjustment
        RSC28 MH Angle Sensor
        Steer Angle Sensor 3B19
        Steer Motor 3M1 / Steering Transmission
        Warehouse navigation
        Horizontal Position Detection
        Assembly / Disassembly of RFID Reader (8U14 18U14.1) on Truck
        FJ and FS Ground Systems
        Track Assignment
        Assembly / Disassembly of Wire Guidance Sensors
        Aisle Detection - Optical Sensors (1B3, 1B4)
        Wire guidance line driver with emergency power supply
        Release frequency - evaluation by wire guidance sensors
        Automatic Control Assemblies on the Truck
        Commissioning an Automated Truck
        Centring Frame
        System Interface
        Apron Field Configuration
        Fine Positioning
        Setting up the Calibration Station
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