Negligent torts are not deliberate actions, but instead present when an individual or entity fails to act as a reasonable person to someone whom he or she owes a duty to. The negligent action found in this particular tort leads to a personal injury or monetary damages (Negligence Tort at a Glance, 2013). When companies produce a product or good and make it available to the public they must make sure that it is safe for consumers to use and does not pose a potential threat. If this is not done they leave themselves open for lawsuits, which can cause a loss of revenue, a bad reputation, and much more.In this paper I will choose a recall that a company has had due to a product they released being unsafe for consumers, and determine whether they would be held liable if the product had not been recalled. I will also discuss the concepts of duty of care, standard of care, breach of the duty of care, actual causation, proximate causation, actual injury, and defenses to negligence. Lastly I will discuss a relevant consumer protection statute relating to this.
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