CJA 324 Week 5 Team Paper - Ethical Scrapbook Part II

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CJA 324 Week 5 Team Paper - Ethical Scrapbook Part II
Use the Ethical Scrapbook: Part I, due
in Week Four, for this assignment.

Review all 12 examples in your team’s
Ethical Scrapbook: Part I, and answer the following questions as team for each


Do you think the individual
made the best decision possible given the circumstances?

Could you see yourself acting
similarly in similar circumstances? 


Should all jurisdictions have a
Good Samaritan law requiring an individual to help another individual if they
are able? Explain why.


Should vigilantism be permitted
when the criminal justice system fails? Explain why or why not. Under what
circumstances might you violate the law to enforce the law? 


Historically, in your opinion,
has civil disobedience been effective in changing the law? Explain why or why
not. What laws do you disagree with or would you consider violating to change?


Consider the many professions
that exist, including the business and corporate sectors, medical professions,
religious authorities, retail establishments, construction industry, insurance
industry, banking, education, professional sports, research, pharmaceutical
companies, and politics. What conditions exist in a profession, excluding
criminal justice professions that contribute to unethical behavior? Provide two


Do you believe that American
society as a whole is predisposed to ethical or unethical behavior? Explain
your response.


Identify ethical considerations
for the future of criminal justice. What may be done to reduce ethical
violations in the criminal justice profession?  


Write a 1,500- to 2000-word paper that
summarizes your individual and team responses to the previously listed

Format your paper consistent with APA

Submit a Certificate of
with your assignment
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