AED222 Final Project

Alexander Morris is a young boy ready to start the first grade at his local School.  The first grade teacher is Mrs. Charles.  Alexander is like other young boys in that he likes to play and he always seems happy.  In this respect school will be no problem.  However Alexander has started to show signs of having Asperger’s Autism.  Since he is just starting elementary school intervention plans may be necessary.  These will involve Alexander’s parents Martha and Brian Morris.

Alexander has many wonderful characteristics.  He likes to play a lot. A large part of his time is spent play acting, i.e., pretending that he is someone else.  Related activities that Alexander enjoys are singing and dancing. These interests are obviously related to the fact that he has a vivid imagination. The imagination is so vivid that sometimes he forgets where he is.  This does get him into a lot of trouble.  Alexander also likes physically oriented activities.  He loves to go to the playground to use the equipment.  In addition he enjoys soccer and karate.  However, he typically is a loner in these activities.  When Alexander reads it is usually about animals.  In any of these mentioned activities Alexander loses focus very quickly.  Part of that is due to the fact that he gets side tracked very easily.  It may be the case that Alexander has some form of autism
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