20 Social Media Tips for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit

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Product description:
I share what has worked for me and share my social media journey through a professional bias. Essentially I discuss, not only what has made @TeacherToolkit reach over 3,000,000 classrooms worldwide, but how it has impacted on my own professional practice. In this blog you will find out;

1. How it all started and what motivates me?
2. My social media journey.
3. What influence(s) my social media presence has had on …
4. My top tips and how I manage my time.

I explore Twitter/Blogging for beginners, intermediate and advanced users and investigate Twitter/Blogging for professionals using social media for building a professional learning network; analysing the ups and downs of online identity; sharing my story from 1 follower to 100,000 followers.

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