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Ebook 1 - The Minimalist Lifestyle - How To Get More Out Of Your Life, With Less Stuff

Table of Contents

Introduction  5

Chapter 1: You Don’t have to Be Bogged Down with “Stuff” 8
Applying Minimal Design to Your Home  10
Minimalism as a Reaction to Materialism  12

Chapter 2: The First Steps to a Minimalist Lifestyle  15
Reduce Your Clutter  16
Remove Boxes  18
Cable Management  19
One In, One Out Rule  20
Getting Rid of Things  20

Chapter 3: Enjoy the Freedom that a Minimalist Lifestyle can Offer  22
Creating a Zen Space  23
Spend Less Time Cleaning!  25
Financial Freedom  26

Chapter 4: Become More Productive with a Minimalist Lifestyle  28
The Ultimate Home Office  29
Keeping Your Tech Clean and Fast  32

Chapter 5: Make Room for the Important Things 34
Turning Your Home Into a Means to an End  35
How to Fight the Urge to Buy Unnecessary Clutter 36
A List of Things to Do  37

Chapter 6: A Minimalist Lifestyle is Good for the Environment  39
Becoming Self-Sufficient  40
Simplifying Lifestyle Changes That Will Help the Environment  41

Chapter 7: Save Your Money for Bigger and Better Things  42
Create a Stunning Home With a Few Items  43
Remember to Stay You and Stay Creative!  44

Chapter 8: You Don’t Need a Huge Home to be Happy  47
Creating a Budget for Your Minimal Lifestyle  49

Chapter 9: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others  51
Practicing Patience  53

Chapter 10: Enjoy a Happier Life as a Minimalist  55
How Minimalism Leads to Happiness  56
Going Deeper  58
Conclusion and Summary  61

EXTRA BONUS - This Ebook The Minimalist Lifestyle also follows: The Minimalist Lifestyle- Checklist, The Minimalist Lifestyle - Resource Cheat Sheet, The Minimalist Lifestyle - Mind Map


Ebook 2 - TLC Diet Transformation - Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol & Transform Your Life!

Table of Contents

Introduction  5

Reasons People Are Unhealthy  6
The Need For Health In The Modern Age  7
Toasted Skin Syndrome  7
Time Poverty  8
Living in Fear  9

Chapter 1 – What Exactly Is The TLC Diet?  12

Chapter 2 – All About Cholesterol  15
Why Does Cholesterol Matter? 17

Chapter 3 – Major Benefits Of the TLC Diet  21
1. Easy to Follow  21
2. It is Proven Effective 22
3. Educates People 23

Chapter 4 – TLC Nutrition Overview - Getting Your Nutrients & What To Eat  24
What Can You Eat? 26
Fat  27
Fatty Acids .29
Healthy Nuts, Seeds, Fats And Oils 30

Chapter 5 – Cooking The TLC Way – Sample Meal Options  31
Breakfast Smoothie  31
Fruit Salad  32
Grilled Eggplant Slices With Chopped Fennel  33
Turkey Fillet With Walnuts And Maple Syrup  33
Beef Chop With Pineapple And Tumeric 34
Salmon With Zucchini  35

Chapter 6 – Smart Choices, Eating Out And Social Events On The TLC Diet  37
Cooking Techniques  38
Eating Out On The TLC Diet  39

Chapter 7 – Getting Physically Active  41

Conclusion  43
Tips To Start Today  43

SUPER BONUS - This Ebook TLC Diet Transformation also follows: Better Health With The TLC Diet: 10 Steps To Better Health With The TLC Diet


Ebook 3 - Diet and Exercise

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Diet Basics

Chapter 2: Figure Out How Many Calories You Need

Chapter 3: Healthy Eating Means a Healthy Body

Chapter 4: Healthy Recipes

Chapter 5: Exercise Basics

Chapter 6: Determine Your Exercise Routine

Chapter 7: Staying Motivated for Diet and Exercise



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All Ebooks in This Combo are PDF Files.

Download Immediate


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