ENG 223 Week 4 Tools for the Job Seeker

ENG 223 Week 4 Tools for the Job Seeker

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 ENG 223 Week 4 Tools for the Job Seeker

Select a position that you might like to apply for from a career search website of your choosing. This can be a job that you are qualified for now or will be qualified for after earning your degree.

Copy/paste the ad into a Word document, ALONG WITH OTHER MATERIALS AS ASSIGNED BELOW

Refer to Ch. 11 of Workplace Writing and choose either a reverse chronological resume or a functional resume depending on your work-history situation.



Create a 1- to 2-page resume for this job. Your resume should be formatted consistently by using the same type face, font, and headings.

Include the following sections as appropriate:




Name and contact information


Career objective or professional summary


Summary of qualifications






Honors and awards (optional)


Refer to the University of Phoenix Career Services website to help shape your resume. You may also view templates for resumes from Microsoft® Word and any examples used in this course.

Refer to the section entitled “Practice Resume Ethics” (p. 316) in Ch. 11 of Workplace Writing for additional help.

Refer to the Achievement Resume in the Job Search Package to guide you in developing the content related to work experience


Write a 1-page cover letter to accompany your resume.  See textbook and Job Search Package.


In addition, you may assume you have also interviewed for this position. Write a 1-page follow-up letter to the interview. See the samples in the textbook and  in the Job Search Package.

Adhere to rubric provided

Submit your resume, cover letter,  follow-up letter and copy of the ad IN ONE DOCUMENT.

 Submit to Write Point and post results with your assignment.

Save all assignment documents according to this convention:  Last name_first initial_title of assignment
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