UE4 MP Steam TPS Tutorial Series 1

**Built In Unreal Engine 4 v4.18.2**
**100% Done In Blueprints**

This is a tutorial series for creating a multiplayer 3rd person shooter with basic steam intragation. The entire set of videos included contain 12 hours of information on the subject. It is broken apart in 14 seperate videos for easier to follow sections.

Included is a project to start from for following along with all the assets used in the video series, as well as the final completed project that we have at the end of the tutorial that can be used for comparison if you get stuck.

It is focused toward people just starting to use the unreal 4 engine or those just starting to learn how to replicate scripting for use in multiplayer games. We focus on laying out the core foundation for a multiplayer 3rd person shooter game.

We cover setting up a character, equipping it with 2 weapons, and switching between them. We setup a master weapon class that has 2 firing modes, single and autofire. The weapon can also be used as a hitscan or projectile weapon, with many other settings included such as rate of fire, damage, ammo, clip size.

We also setup reload, weapon switching, and firing animation montages. Death and repawning is covered as well. Also we create a projectile that can be plugged into the weapon if you choose to make it not be hitscan. We also create a master pickup that can be used as ammo or health.

**Please See The Video For Further Information**

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