Ekali Kit Vol. III

100% of my proceeds from ‘Ekali Kit Vol. 3’ will be donated to Music Programs of High Schools in my home city of Vancouver, BC, many of which cannot afford to provide their students with the equipment necessary for them to follow their creative dreams.

I have set the price of the Pack at USD $10, with the option to donate more, if you so choose to. Our contribution has the potential to help shape entire communities of young creatives in a City which needs our help more than ever amidst Arts programs funding cuts and other problems. It’s the same platform that shaped and nurtured me as a musician, so I’d like to give back in any way I can.

For those who are unfamiliar with my sound kits, they are meant to be used by music producers or sound designers of any kind; all of the samples within are 100% practical & great to use across any type of sound design, within any genre. Many of the samples in the pack are taken directly from my music, including Babylon, Blame, Past Life, and several of my remixes. My sounds have been used in countless applications, from music on soundcloud to radio hits, and on Hollywood movie soundtracks.

Thank you for considering a purchase or a donation! I will be updating everyone on how much we have raised and formulate a plan. I’ll be able to tell you exactly how the funds have been used & which musical instruments we will provide for students who’s schools are in need of a little help.

<3 Nathan
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