Lab 7

­1     swapref.cpp     Write a function that will swap two integers values using pass by reference ( i.e. alias) parameters. Write a driver program to test your function.
2  check.cpp        Write a function with the following prototype:
bool compute(int one, int two, int & sum, int & product, int & quotient);                       
sum will be  one + two, product will be one * two, and quotient will be one/ two provided that two is not 0.  If the quotient can be computed,( i.e. two is not 0 ) return true.  If the
quotient  cannot be computed,( i.e. two has a value of 0 ) return false. 
Write a driver program to test both  cases.

3. overload.cpp     Overload 4 sum functions int sum(int, int);
sum(int,int,int);int sum(int,int,int,int);
int sum(int,int,int,int,int);
 each sum function should return the sum of all of the int parameters.  Write your code
so that each of the last 3 sum functions calls the one listed before it.  For example,
int sum( int,int,int,int,int) should callthe function int sum(int,int,int,int)

Write a driver program to test all 4 functions

4   box.cpp     Overload displayBox function – uses loops
      Complete the program template box.cpp

      Use input data of 5 ? 15 4$               
NOTE:  Only one of your overloaded functions needs the details of nested loops, the other 3 SHOULD call the one that has the details.
NOTE:      box(5)  will display
x  x
x  x
x   x xxxxx
     box(5,7,’a’) will display                                                             
xxxxx xaaax


5      Write a function that has two parameters: - an integer that is a test score
                                                    - and a second parameter that is the letter grade.

   The function will place a value in the second parameter

      Use the standard grading scale for A, B, C, D,
F.  If the score is above 100 or below 0, a grade will not be assigned and a return value of false will be returned. If the score is within range, a return value of true will be returned and the letter grade will be placed in the second parameter.
The prototype for the function is: bool figureGrade(int, char &);
Write a main function to test the function you have written.
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