NR-361-The Path to Wellness& Healthiness.DOCX

NR-361-The Path to Wellness& Healthiness

The Path to Wellness& Healthiness


Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR-361: Information System in Healthcare

March, 2017


On the Path to Wellness& Healthiness

            Advances in technology greatly influence our lives in ways we never imagined possible. This advances have not only made our lives easier, but can help people live better and healthier lives. Part of the core competencies of nurses of the future,focuses on informatics and technology, and the ability of new graduate nurses to integrate the technologies to their nursing care, to make decisions and developed positive patient outcomes(Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, 2010, p. 26) But these technologies don’t end just in the patient care setting. Now these technologies also extend topatient education, and their ability to actively get involved in their health. From mobile applications, to personal health records (PHR), to activity trackers, patient education is greatly influenced by technology. Diversifying the delivery of content is where advanced patient education starts. 

Education Made Easy

Computer-based patient education in the last few years, has been a leading delivery method for content in patient education. The core competencies of nurses
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