121 : Miss Iris cranking and stalling the stubborn Fiat Panda

Miss Iris is going to work...or at least she is trying to arrive on time, as the Panda doesn't want to start as always.

She wears a green top, black skirt and high heels.

She tries to start the Panda for a while, pumping the pedals while the
car teases the poor miss... At the end the car starts and the Miss goes
straight to work on time!

Then we meet again Iris when she just finished work and she is ready to
meet her secret lover! She is talking with him on the phone, while she
goes to the car. She is dangling her heels while thinking about her date
with this man... Will the car start for her?

Obviously no!

So it begins the epic battle between the Miss and the Panda... Who's gonna win?

Iris tries to pump all the pedals in all the ways she knows, all this
while begging the car to start! Oh c'mon, she can't be late today! He is
going to be angry!

To have a rest she sometimes stops trying to start the car and, while
looking outside the window, she dangle her heels to cool down her
feet...You know, all this pumping is stressful ;)

The little Fiat engine sometimes it starts and Iris is happy, but after a
while, it just stalls...And Iris did only 30meters! The way home will
be a long long way...

Will she be home on time? Will she meet her man?
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