Palatine _Soundbank

Palatine is a soundbank exclusive to Nanostudio for (iOS, PC, and Mac). It features presets for Eden and TRG. It is targeted to electronic musics in various styles.

The soundbank comes with 6 NSP files you can upload to your iPad with Nanosync, or use in Nanostudio on PC, MAC. Each demo comes in two versions and has its own NSP made with 16 channels in Nanostudio.
The track demo with patterns.
The empty one to be used as a template.

69 presets and few more come with Bass, Synths, Leads, Keys, FX, Drones. They use mainly oscillators from Nanostudio's Eden but some presets make profit of Eden's sample playback features to explore granular and glitch presets.

5 kits loaded with 16 pads of Kick, hat, snare, FXs, Heavy drums, noises, risers, drones and tones.

This kits comes in multiple duplicate for each tracks and can be used outside the tracks using now one of the 14 duplicated kits but already exported from the demos, since Palatine 1.01 update.

Palatine - update 1.02
1 new TRG Kits with 8 127 bpm samples (FX and risers) + 8 beats loops teasing the upcoming new soundbank evolving around a 172 BPM vibe. They were produced using Kits available in this next pack.

The project uses FX channels for the demos. It's up to you to re-use them or tweak and modify.

All presets, samples are royalty free and might be use in any commercial or personnal production, but demos projects are still copyrighted to Setfan, and can't be use without any further agreement from Setfan.

Setfan thanks Jim Hanks for the Uke samples use in Honey Creep, third Palatine Demo.

As Palatine is a downloadable product, all payments are final and can't be refunded.

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