Camille Lyman's SPRINTS E-Book

Camille Lyman's SPRINTS E-Book

Welcome to my sprint (track) style Ebook. My hopes are to bring many benefits to your internal and external well being! Often people are very intimidated by the phrase “sprint interval training,” which is understandable, yet I’m here to help condition the mind just as much as the body! This Ebook is for anyone who seeks to lose body fat, increase endurance, improve performance, build lean muscle, become more conditioned, enhance metabolism, decrease chances of disease and illness, among many more benefits!

One may modify any one of my workouts to their desired speed, incline and rest periods! My sprints are an outline of suggestions to optimize overall health and are made for the individuals who literally are starting their workout routine today or for those who are performing at a professional level! The outline can be decreased or enhanced by YOU making the executive decision! 

It’s very important each individual who works with these sprint formulas has safety as their main priority! Treadmills are very demanding when it comes to being on point with your mind and body together! Be present and when at high speeds focus on you and only you! In my sprint layouts, it’s ideal for the muscular, cardiovascular and nervous system to get at least 48 hours of recovery until the next time you go all out in sprint interval training again. Within your personal transformation timeline, it’s wise to incorporate a sprint interval workout at least two to three days a week. 

I am so excited about your new journey on the treadmill. I have made 40 different sprint formulas amoung each workout you will be educated on why sprints are benfical along with inspirtation from the heart to help you stay motivated! 

Keep your body in motion and cheers to your next level of fitness! 
Camille Cragg Lyman
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