Mind Control

This collection is all about Mind Control techniques; how to control minds, as well as how to detect it and protect ones own mind from such techniques. They are all around us, especially in this day of mass information. Be in the know. Mind Control isnt something you only see in movies...it is very real.

The Occult University Library is proud to present over 200 rare books ...

TRANCEformation of America.pdf

Treatment by hypnotism and suggestion, or, Psycho-therapeutics (1907).pdf

Visual persuasion, (1961).pdf

Vital magnetic cure (1881).pdf

Vital magnetism (1877).pdf

Voice of the people; readings in public opinion and propaganda (1962).pdf

Voyage of Miss Brackett with Colonel Stone (1838).pdf

War On The Short Wave (1941).pdf

What hypnosis really is; a complete and lucid explanation of the art (1896).pdf

Wit and its relation to the unconscious (1916).pdf

Words that won the war; the story of the Committee on Public Information, 1917-1919 (1939).pdf

World revolutionary propaganda. A Chicago study (1939).pdf

5,555 result producing, advertising, selling phrases (1912).pdf

1683-1920 (1920).pdf

A key to the science of electrical psychology (1849).pdf

A lecture on the magnetism of the human body (1843).pdf

A reference guide to the study of public opinion (1934).pdf

A treatise on animal magnetism (1844).pdf

A treatise on mental alchimy, electro-psychology, biology, magnetism and mesmerism (1852).pdf

A war correspondent on his work (1917).pdf

Abnormal psychology (1910).pdf

Ads and sales; a study of advertising and selling, from the standpoint of the new principles of scientific management (1911).pdf

Advanced suggestion (neuroinduction) (1922).pdf

Adventures in propaganda (1919).pdf

Adventurings in the psychical (1914).pdf

Advertisers cyclopedia of selling phrases (1909).pdf

Advertising and selling ; principles of appeal and response (1913).pdf

Advertising, selling and credits ([c1911]).pdf

Advertising; selling the consumer (1916).pdf

An essay on human magnetism, or the infant magnetism enrobed in its true panoply (1844).pdf

An introduction to public opinion (1940).pdf

Ants and some other insects - an inquiry into the psychic powers of these animals (1904).pdf

Argumentation and debate (1917).pdf

Behavioral persuasion in politics ([1963]).pdf

Billions, blunders, and baloney; the fantastic story of how Uncle Sam is squandering your money overseas (1955).pdf

Blueprint for public relations (1947).pdf

Brainwashing Manual (1961).pdf

Business profits and human nature; how to increase the first by a knowledge of the second (1920).pdf

Capitalism And Slavery (1944).pdf

Cicero. De oratore (1942).pdf

Communist propaganda (1962).pdf

Communist psychological warfare (brainwashing) (1958).pdf

Complete report of the chairman of the Committee on public information (1920).pdf

Composition and rhetoric for higher schools (1902).pdf

Control of body and mind ([c1908]).pdf

Course in general linguistics (1959).pdf

Crime and Punishment The Mark System, Framed to Mix Persuasion with Punishment (1846).pdf

Dealing in Hate (1966).pdf

Dr. Caspari's Homoeopathic domestic physician (1852).pdf

Man and civilization; control of the mind; a symposium (1961).pdf

Mental control of the body (1917).pdf

Mental growth and control (1902).pdf

Mental suggestion (1891).pdf

Mesmerism (1843).pdf

Mesmerism ; its rise, progress, and mysteries in all ages and countries (1845).pdf

Mesmerism and its opponents (1844).pdf

Mesmerism in disease (1845).pdf

Mesmerism in India, and its practical application in surgery and medicine (1851).pdf

Mesmerism, or, Animal magnetism and its uses (1843).pdf

Mesmerism, spiritualism, witchcraft, and miracle (1858).pdf

Mind Control, World Control - The Encyclopedia of Mind Control (1998).pdf

Miss Martineau's letters on Mesmerism (1845).pdf

Modern spiritism (1875).pdf

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT).pdf

New Avatar and the Destiny of the Soul (1911).pdf

NLP Manual.pdf

On hallucinations (1860).pdf

Our Country, Right or Wrong (1946).pdf

Pathetism ; man considered in respect to his form, life, sensation, soul, mind, spirit (1847).pdf

Persuasion (1905).pdf

Persuasion Engineering in The Human Communication.pdf

Persuasive speaking (1929).pdf

And many more!!!

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