Sex - Sexuality

This collection is all about sex and sexuality, from the physical, to the mental to the spiritual, from ancient concepts to the more modern.

The Occult University Library is proud to present 132 rare books ...

The significance of sex (1888).pdf
The soul and sex in education, morals, religion, and adolescence (1912).pdf
The third sex (1914).pdf
The unquiet sex (1898).pdf
The weaker sex; a comedy in three acts (1894).pdf
Training of the young in laws of sex (1912).pdf
Woman ; her sex and love life (1917).pdf
Women as sex vendors (1918).pdf
A lecture to young men, on chastity (1848).pdf
A programme for sex education.. (1912).pdf
A treatise concerning the use and abuse of the marriage bed (1727).pdf
Biology of sex for parents and teachers ([1922]).pdf
Chastity, its physical, intellectual, and moral advantages (1894).pdf
Chastity; or, our secret sins (1874).pdf
Child life and sex hygiene; (1912).pdf
Christianity and sex problems (1916).pdf
COMOEDIÆ SEX., 1. b. (1788).pdf
COMOEDIÆ SEX., 2. b. (1788).pdf
Diet and sex as factors in creatinuria in man (1920).pdf
Doctor Johnson and the fair sex ; a study of contrasts (1895).pdf
Education with reference to sex ; agencies and methods (1909).pdf
Ethical marriage; a discussion of the relations of sex from the standpoint of social duty (1900).pdf
Euclids Outline Of Sex (1922).pdf
Eulis! the history of love ; its wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, modes, moods and rationale (1874).pdf
Fables for the female sex (1766).pdf
Feminism and sex-extinction (1922).pdf
Golden thoughts on chastity and procreation (1914).pdf
Graham's lectures on chastity (unknown).pdf
Hath sin a sex (1911).pdf
Health--beauty--sexuality, from girlhood to womanhood (1904).pdf
Heedless sex (1922).pdf
Heredity and sex (1913).pdf
High schools and sex education. A manual of suggestions on education related to sex (1922).pdf
Horns in sheep as a typical sex-limited character (1912).pdf
Jevons block ; a book of sex enmity (1917).pdf
Laws relating to sex morality in New York City (1915).pdf
Lectures on sex and heredity, delivered in Glasgow, 1917-18 (1919).pdf
Love; a treatise on the science of sex-attraction (1919).pdf
Marriage and the sex-problem (1912).pdf
Men, women and God (1922).pdf
On sex ; facetiae Frankliana (Humorous Benjamin Franklin essays) (1937).pdf
Our women; chapters on the sex-discord (1920).pdf
Phallic worship (1941).pdf
Problems of sex (1912).pdf
Psychology of sex (1933).pdf
Rational sex ethics V1 (1918).pdf
Rational sex ethics V2 (1918).pdf
Religion & sex ([1919]).pdf
Sane sex life & sane sex living (1922).pdf
Sanity in sex (1920).pdf
Schenck's theory; the determination of sex (1898).pdf
Sex (1914).pdf
Sex and character (1906).pdf
Sex and civilization (1925).pdf

And many more!

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