This is the most comprehensive rare book collection availabe on the internet for Theosophical wisdom. Theosophy is also knows as psychological religion. 

The Occult University Library presents 171 amazing vintage works....

Theosophy or psychological religion (1895).pdf

Theosophy Or Psychological Religion (1903).pdf

Theosophy simplified (1915).pdf

Theosophy, the path of the mystic (1922).pdf

Thoughts on 'At the feet of the master' (1919).pdf

Thoughts on Bagavad Gita (1893).pdf

Thrice-greatest Hermes; studies in Hellenistic theosophy and gnosis (1906).pdf

United - a novel (1886).pdf

Universal Brotherhood (1899).pdf

Universal theosophy - the science of health and healing (1887).pdf

Works of Thomas Vaughan (1919).pdf

Zoroastrianism in the light of theosophy (1898).pdf

A collection of esoteric writings (1910).pdf

A concise treatise on the law of wills (1881).pdf

A dictionary of some theosophical terms (1910).pdf

A modern panarion - a collection of fugitive fragments (1895).pdf

A nosegay of everlastings from Katherine Tingley's garden of helpful thoughts (1914).pdf

A primer of theosophy (1909).pdf

A textbook of theosophy (1918).pdf

An abridgment (1907).pdf

An epitome of theosophy (1922).pdf

An outline of theosophy (1916).pdf

Art as a factor in the soul's evolution (1915).pdf

At the feet of the master (1911).pdf

Australian lectures - Besant (1908).pdf

Avatâras (1900).pdf

Buddhist popular lectures delivered in Ceylon in 1907 (1908).pdf

By still waters - lyrical poems old and new (1906).pdf

Christo-theosophy, or, Spiritual dynamics and the divine and miraculous man (1895).pdf

Clairvoyance (1918).pdf

Collected fruits of occult teaching (1920).pdf

Death--and after (1914).pdf

Demonosophy unmasked in modern theosophy (1922).pdf

Dharma (1918).pdf

Earth's earliest ages (1889).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 1 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 2 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 4 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 6 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 7 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Gnosis Vol 10 (1906).pdf

Echoes from the Orient (1890).pdf

Education as service (1912).pdf

Elementary theosophy (1917).pdf

Esoteric Buddhism (1893).pdf

Evolution of life and form (1900).pdf

Evolution of Mrs. Besant (1918).pdf

Exposition of the doctrine of Karma (1910).pdf

Extracts from the Vahan, including answers (1904).pdf

Fact and fancy in spiritualism, theosophy, and psychical research (1901).pdf

Four modern religious movements (1919).pdf

From theosophy to Christian faith, a comparison of theosophy with Christianity (1919).pdf

Great Law - Life, Light, Freedom ~ Revised edition.pdf

Growth through service (1922).pdf

And many more!!!!

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