Illumination - Illuminated Manuscripts

This is the largest collection on the most beautiful books ever made. Illuminated manuscripts are full of allegory, esoteric and holy knowledge. Many of these are written in ancient languages, but the artwork alone is worth it. There are literally thousands of works of art in this collection. You may want to pair it with our "Ancient Language and Symbolism" collection in order to really get into this amazing collection.

Or you can just enjoy the massive amount of artwork.

The Occult University Library is proud to present over 150 rare books ...

The illuminated manuscripts in the library of the Fitzwilliam museum, Cambridge (1876).pdf

The miniature painting and painters of Persia, India and Turkey, from the 8th to the 18th century (1912).pdf

The miracles of Our Lord (1848).pdf

The Sermon on the Mount - Gospel of St. Matthew, chapters v, vi, vii (1845).pdf

The Sermon on the mount (1850).pdf

The sermon on the Mount (1861).pdf

Three gems in one setting (1860).pdf

Valuable manuscripts of the Middle Ages (1897).pdf

Vaticanische miniaturen (1893).pdf

Writing & illuminating, & lettering (1906).pdf

Zur Geschichte der oberdeutschen Miniaturmalerei im XVI. Jahrhundert (1899).pdf

A booke of Christmas carols, illuminated from ancient manuscripts in the British museum (1846).pdf

A Christmas carol (1873).pdf

A collection of choice manuscripts, incunables, books of hours, maps, music autographs, woodcut books (1909).pdf

A collection of excessively rare books, letters and illuminated manuscripts (1909).pdf

A companion to Manual of illumination.pdf

A descriptive catalogue of the Latin manuscripts in the John Rylands library at Manchester (1921).pdf

A guide to the manuscripts, autographs, charters, seals, illuminations and bindings exhibited in the Department of Manuscripts (1906).pdf

A handbook of the art of illumination (1866).pdf

A manual of illumination on paper and vellum (1860).pdf

A Parisian Book Of Hours.pdf

A practical treatise on the art of illuminating (1873).pdf

A primer of the art of illumination for the use of beginners (1860).pdf

A very proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the arte of limming, which teacheth the order in drawing & tracing of letters, vinets, flowers, armes and imagery (1573).pdf

Ancient English Christmas carols 1400 to 1700 (1910).pdf

Antiquités et Guerre des Juifs de Josèphe (1906).pdf

Aphorisms of the wise & good (1862).pdf

Arts and crafts in the middle ages - a description of mediaeval workmanship in several of the departments of applied art (1908).pdf

Books in manuscript, a short introduction to their study and use (1893).pdf

Bulletin de la Société française de reproductions de manuscrits à peintures (1911).pdf

Catalogue of a series of illuminations (1886).pdf

Catalogue of an exhibition of illuminated and painted manuscripts (1892).pdf

Catalogue of fourteen illuminated manuscripts and fifteen early printed books (1921).pdf

Catalogue of manuscripts - mostly illuminated, many in fine bindings (1900).pdf

Catalogue of twenty-eight illuminated manuscripts and two illuminated printed books (1919).pdf

Celtic illuminative art in the gospel books of Durrow, Lindisfarne, and Kells (1908).pdf

Church decoration - a practical manual of appropriate ornamentation (1860).pdf

Clair de lune, and other troubadour romances (1913).pdf

Collection de chirurgiens grecs (1908).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 1 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 2 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 3 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 4 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 5 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 6 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 7 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 8 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 9 (1899).pdf

Connaissances nécessaires à un bibliophile Vol 10 (1899).pdf

Der Sachsenspiegel Vol 1 (1934).pdf

Der Sachsenspiegel Vol 2 (1934).pdf

Des Priesters Wernher Drei Lieder von der Magd (1925).pdf

Description des peintures et autres ornements conte nus dans les manuscrits grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale (1883).pdf

Die alten zunft (1889).pdf

Die deutsche Buchmalerei in ihren stilistischen Entwicklungsphasen (1923).pdf

Die fuldaer Buchmalerei in karolingischer und ottonischer Zeit (1910).pdf

Die katalanische Bibelillustration um die Wende des ersten Jahrtausends (1922).pdf

Die Miniaturen des frühen Mittelalters (1912).pdf

Die Minnesinger in Bildern der Manessischen Handschrift (1930).pdf

Die mittelalterliche Buchmalerei des Abendlandes (c1922).pdf

Die Nürnberger miniaturmalerei bis 1515 (1905).pdf

Die ottonische Kölner Buchmalerei (1922).pdf

Die Pariser miniaturmalerei (1907).pdf

Die Romfahrt Kaiser Heinrich's VII im bildercyclus des Codex Balduini Trevirensis, herausgegeben von der direktion der K (1881).pdf

Die schweizerischen Bilderchroniken und ihre Architektur-Darstellungen (1897).pdf

Early drawings and illuminations (1879).pdf

Early drawings and illuminations (1879).pdf

Early English romances in verse, done into modern English. Romances of love (1908).pdf

Elementary instruction in the art of illuminating (1863).pdf

Emblematic illumination (1862).pdf

English illuminated manuscripts (1895).pdf

English minstrelsy (1860).pdf

Études archéologiques (1910).pdf

Exhibition of illuminated manuscripts (1908).pdf

And many more!!!

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $20 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.