Philosophy Disc 3

This collection is amazing! 13GB's of over 600 books! Many of them are scans of books that weigh 10 pounds or more. When it comes to philosophy, you will find no better collection of rare books.

Take your mind to places few will go. This collection is full of the most prfound and hidden insights into the nature of....EVERYTHING.

This is disc 3 of 3. Price is discounted to make the whole collection affordable.

The Occult University Library presents 608 books on Philosophy...

Works of Abraham Cowley 1618 - 1667 (unknown).pdf
Works. Translated into English under the editorship of W.D. Ross (1908) Aristotle.pdf
Yoga Lessons For Developing Spiritual Consciousness (1911).pdf
Yoga Sastra ; the Yoga sutras of Patenjali examined ; with a notice of Swami Vivekananda's Yoga philosophy (1897).pdf
Zoological philosophy; an exposition with regard to the natural history of animals .. (1963).pdf
A beautiful collection of fine and rare books (1907) AMAZING!.pdf
A beginner's history of philosophy (1918).pdf
A beginner's history of philosophy (c1910).pdf
A brief history of early Chinese philosophy (1914).pdf
A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion Geography, History and Literature (1928).pdf
A classical dictionary of India ; illustrative of the mythology, philosophy, literature, antiquities, arts, manners, customs &c. of the Hindus (187l).pdf
A compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy (1888).pdf
A concordance to the Greek Testament ; according to the texts of Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf, and the English revisers (1897).pdf
A Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy by R.D.Ranade (1926).pdf
A course of lectures on natural philosophy and the mechanical arts (1807).pdf
A critical exposition of the philosophy of Leibniz, with an appendix of leading passages (1900).pdf
A discourse on method ; Meditations on the first philosophy ; Principles of philosophy (1912).pdf
A Dynamic Theory Of Personality (1935).pdf
A Financial Chapter In The History Of Bombay City (1910).pdf
A general history of all voyages and travels throughout the old and new world (1708).pdf
A general survey of the history of the canon of the New Testament (1875).pdf
A Guide To Golconda Fort And Tombs.pdf
A Hand Book Of Sri Madhwacharyas (1954).pdf
A hand-book of Hindu pantheism ; The Panchadasi of Sreemut Vidyaranya Swami (1899).pdf
A Hebrew and English lexicon of the Old Testament (1866).pdf
A History Of Afghanistan Vol II (1940).pdf
A History Of Cynicism (1937).pdf
A history of eclecticism in Greek philosophy; (1883).pdf
A history of Greek philosophy from the earliest period to the time of Socrates (1881).pdf
A history of Indian philosophy (1922).pdf
A history of philosophy (1897).pdf
A History Of Philosophy (1905).pdf
A history of philosophy (1914).pdf
A history of philosophy, from Thales to the present time (1872).pdf
A history of philosophy; with especial reference to the formation and development of its problems and conceptions (1901).pdf
A history of the British and Foreign Bible Society (1904).pdf
A History Of The Roman Empire From Its Foundation (1922).pdf
A Journal of natural philosophy, chemistry, and the arts .. (1797).pdf
A letter to American teachers of history (1910).pdf
A list of books on the history of science. January, 1911 (1911).pdf
A manual of Buddhist philosophy (1923).pdf
A manual of Budhism, in its modern development (1853).pdf
A manual of the history of philosophy (1832).pdf
A Manual Of The History Of Philosophy. (1878).pdf
A new mathematical and philosophical dictionary (1814).pdf
A new medical dictionary; ... and the various branches of natural philosophy connected with medicine (1817).pdf
A new system of chemical philosophy (1808).pdf
A philosophical and mathematical dictionary (1815).pdf
A philosophical dictionary; from the French (1824).pdf
A sketch of ancient philosophy from Thales to Cicero (1912).pdf
A student's history of philosophy ([1907]).pdf
A theory of natural philosophy (1922).pdf
Abridgment Of The History Of India (1905).pdf
Acton collection - class 48; political philosophy, social philosophy, economics, law (1909).pdf
Alberuni's India (1910).pdf
An Analysis Of Knowledge And Valuation (1946).pdf
An Anthology Of Mysticism And Mystical Philosophy (1927).pdf
An Experiment With Time (1929).pdf
An Indian primer of philosophy; or, The Tarkabhasa of Keçavamiçra. Translated from the original Sanscrit with an introd (1914).pdf
An introduction to chemical philosophy according to the modern theories (1867).pdf
An Introduction To Psychology (1924).pdf
An introduction to the philosophy of law - by Roscoe Pound (1922).pdf
Ancient fragments of the Phoenician, Chaldaean, Egyptian, Tyrian, Carthaginian, Indian, Persian, and other writers (1832).pdf
Ancient Greece ; a sketch of its art, literature and philosophy (1915).pdf
Ancient Indian Colonies In The Far East Vol II Suvarnadvipa Part I Political History (1937).pdf
Annals of Philosophy (1825).pdf
Annual of scientific discovery (1861).pdf
Apparitions And Thought Transference (1894).pdf
Aristotle and the earlier Peripatetics - being a translation from Zeller's Philosophy of the Greeks (1897).pdf
Aristotle and the earlier Peripatetics (1897).pdf
Avicenne (1900).pdf
Beauties of Dr. John Moore (1803).pdf
Bertrand Russell - An Inquary Into Meaning And Truth.pdf
Black jokes, for 'blue devils' Fully illus. with near one hundred pictorial 'black jokes' (1897).pdf
Bodily Changes In Pain Hunger Fear And Rage (1920).pdf
Bretts Leading Cases In Modern Equity (1911).pdf
Bygone beliefs ; being a series of excursions in the byways of thought (1920).pdf
Chance, love, and logic; philosophical essays (1923).pdf
Chinese thought ; an exposition of the main characteristic features of the Chinese world-conception (1907).pdf
Codex B and its allies, a study and an indictment (1914).pdf
Compendio de metafisica, texto arabe (1919).pdf
Complete Arcana of Astral Philosophy - Or the Doctrine of Nativities (1890).pdf
Concerning the three principles of the divine essence (1910).pdf
Contemporary Idealism In America (1932).pdf
Contemporary Indian Philosophy - by Various Authors (1936).pdf
Contemporary Schools Of Psychology (1948).pdf
Correspondence - Leonhardi (Hermann) and Engelmann (George), (1857).pdf
Cosmology, an introduction to the philosophy of matter (1923).pdf
Cotton is king, and pro-slavery arguments (1860).pdf
Counseling And Psychotherapy (1942).pdf
Creative intelligence; essays in the pragmatic attitude (1917).pdf
Croce's philosophy of history (1920).pdf
Degrees of Knowledge (1937).pdf
Delusion And Dream (1921).pdf
Democracy and education ; an introduction to the philosophy of education (c1916).pdf
Descartess Rules For The Direction Of The Mind (1957).pdf
Descriptive catalogue of the government collections of manuscripts deposited at the Deccan College, Poona (1916).pdf
Dialogo de Cecco di Ronchitti (1605).pdf
Dialogues concerning natural religion (1907).pdf
Dialogues In Limbo (1925).pdf
Dialogues on the Hindu philosophy (1903).pdf
Dictionary of philosophy and psychology (1901).pdf
Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, griechisch und deutsch ([1906]).pdf
Diogenis Laertii de vitis, dogmatis & apophthegmatis eorum qui in philosophia claruerunt, libri X (1570).pdf
Discourse on method, and Metaphysical meditations. [Translated by G.B. Rawlings] (1901).pdf
Doctors of philosophy of Yale University, with the titles of their dissertations, 1861-1915 (1916).pdf
Early Greek philosophy (1908).pdf
Early Greek philosophy (1920).pdf
El mito de Psyquis (1908).pdf
Elementary treatise on natural philosophy (1883).pdf
Elements of the philosophy of plants - containing the principles of scientific botany (1821).pdf
Elocution, Or, Mental and Vocal Philosophy (1845).pdf
Emotions Of Normal People (1928).pdf
Encyclopaedia Of World Politics (unknown).pdf
Epochs of Philosophy - Stoic and Epicurean (1910).pdf
Eros And Psyche (1934).pdf
Essays on the religion and philosophy of the Hindus (1858).pdf
Ethics And Social Policy (1941).pdf
Experience And Nature (1929).pdf
Explorations In Personality (1938).pdf
Feelings And Emotions (1928).pdf
First principles of a new system of philosophy (1864).pdf

Plus many more!!

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