Freemasonry Compendium - Disc 1

Freemasonry is a touchy subject, but lets be honest, virtually all of its critics are people who get their information from youtube and random conspiracy websites. Any ignorant person can make a youtube conspiracy video, but when was the last time you looked through a library of over 1300 old vintage books and publications by/for Masons and related fraternities?

I have not found a single passage in any of these books that supports the idea of a malintentioned fraternity. Get your information from the source. This collection is full of jewels. Enjoy!

This is disc 1 of a 3 disc set. Price is reduced to make the entire collection affordable.

Here is what you get in all 3 with over 1300+ books and over 13GB's of data...

Albert Pike

Allsopp F W - The Life Story Of Albert Pike
Boyden W L - Bibliography Of The Writings Of Albert Pike
Pike A - AASR Constitutions & Regulations of 1762
Pike A - Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 1872
Pike A - Book Of The Words
Pike A - Foulhouzeism and Cerneauism Scourged, 1884
Pike A - Gen. Albert Pikes poems 1900
Pike A - Hymns to the Gods, and Other Poems 1919
Pike A - Indo-Aryan Deities & Worship
Pike A - Letters of the Grand Commander
Pike A - Magnum Opus
Pike A - Masonic origines 1887
Pike A - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Pike A - Sepher_ha_Sallam_017
Pike A - The Words Kadosh & Hierodom

Freemasonry (Author) A-D

A Candid Disquisition -W Calcott
A Collection of Letters on Freemasonry - Boston - 1849
A General History Of Freemasonry In Europe - E Rebold
A mirror for the Johannite Masons, in a series of letters to the Right Hon. the Earl of Aboyne (1866)
A Portrait Gallery of Prominent Freemasons, Vol.1 (1892)
A Portrait Gallery of Prominent Freemasons, Vol.2 (1892)
A Portrait Gallery of Prominent Freemasons, Vol.3 (1892)
A Portrait Gallery of Prominent Freemasons, Vol.4 (1892)
A Portrait Gallery of Prominent Freemasons, Vol.5 (1892)
A Ritual of Freemasonry - A Allyn
A.s. Macbride - Speculative Masonry, Its Mission, Its Evolution And Its Landmarks
A.t.c. Pearson - Traditions of Freemasonry And Its Coincidences With the Ancient Mysteries (1870)
Action of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts against spurious rites and degrees and irregular bodies 1883
Adams J Q - Letters and addresses on freemasonry 1875
Adams J Q - Letters on the Masonic Institution 1847
Adams R - Edinburgh Burgh Accounts Vol II 1552 to 1567 - 1899
Akerman W - The Bible & the Square 1875
Albert Churchward - The Arcana of Freemasonry
Alexander Lawrie - The History of Freemasonry, Drawn from Authentic Sources of Information 1804
Alford A L - Masonic Gem, Consisting of Odes, Poem, & Dirge 1868
Allen B - Great Light of Masonry 1828
American Masonic Record & Albany Saturday Mag Vol I 1827-8
Amoy Three Essays on the Masonic Tracing Boards
Annual Proceedings of the A F & A M of Canada 1899
Anon - History of Macon Lodge No 8 - 1916
Anon - Key to the First Chart of the Masonic Mirror
Armitage F - A Short Masonic History 1909
Armitage F - The Old Guilds of England 1918
Arnold A C L - The Signet of King Solomon 1868
Arnold A L - Philosophical History of Free-masonry and Other Secret Societies
Arnold A L - The Rationale and Ethics of Freemasonry
Atwood H - The Master Workman, or True Masonic Guide
Atwood HC - The Master Workman 1850 New York
Austin Rev T R - The Well Spent Life of Robert Morris 1878
Aynsley M - Symbolism of the East & West 1900
Bacon FP - History of 2nd Pilgrimage to Richmond 1882_bw
Barlow W S - Masonic Songs 1885
Barnard G W - History of Oriental Consistory S P R S in Chicago 1856 to 1893 - 1893
Barratt N S - Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Vol I 1781-1813 - 1908
Barratt N S - Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Vol II 1781-1813 - 1909
Barrett N S - Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Vol III 1813-55 - 1919
Beginning of Masonry
Bennett JR - The Origin of Freemasonry and Knights Templar 1907
Bernard D - Light On Masonry 1829
Billings R W - Architectural Illustrations and Account of the Temple Church
Blakemore L B - Masonic Lodge Methods 1953
Blitz E - Social Science & Freemasonry 1896
Boyden W L - Classification of the Literature of Freemasonry & Related Societies 1915
Bradley J - Some of the beauties of Free masonry
Brewster - Lawrie - The history of freemasonry drawn from authentic sources 1804
Bro Hunt - The Masters Word And the Letter G
Bro Phillip Hellier - Masonic Approach To Self Development
Bro Victor Popow - Freemasonry, Architecture And Sacred Geometry
Broadley A M - The History of Freemasonry in the District of Malta 1880
Brockerway C A - One Hundred Years of Aurora Grata, 1808-1908 1908
Brockwell C - Brotherly Love Recommended in a Sermon - 1750
Bromwell H P H - Further Light, & Other Poems Written for Masonic Occasions 1920
Brown J - History of Masonry in Wigan - 1882
Buck J.D. - Mystic Masonry or the Symbols of Freemasonry and Greater Mysteries of Antiquity Vol V 1911
Buck J.D. - Mystic Masonry
Buck J.D. - Nature and Aim of Theosophy 1889
Buck J.D. - The Genius of Freemasonry and 20th Century Crusade 1914
Buck J.D. - The Genius of Freemasonry And 20th Century Crusade
Buck J.D. - The Lost Word Found in the Great Work
Buck J.D. - The Symbolism of Freemasonry - or Mystic Masonry 1925
Buck J.D. - Theosophy and the School of Natural Science 1913
Bull E - The Female Freemasons 3 Vols 1840
Burmistrov, Endel - Kabbalah Russian Freemasonry
Burrage C D - Annual Addresses 1910 - 1913
Burt C - Egyptian Masonic History 1867
Bywater W M - A Brief Sketch of the History of the Royal Athelstan Lodge No 19 London 1869
Callahan C H - A Memorial to Washington the mason to be erected at Alexandria Virginia 1920
Callahan CH - Washington The Man & The Mason 1913
Calvin Burt - Egyptian Masonic History
Capart J - Primitive Art in Egypt 1905
Carr H - An Examination of the Early Masonic Catechisms 1946
Case P F - Masonic Letter G
Catalogue of Masonic Works & Outfits No2 Redding & Co 1895
Celebration of Centenary of Adoniram HRA Chapter ma 1916
Chapman J - Masonic Orations Delivered in Devon & Cornwall from AD 1866 at the Dedication of Masonic Halls 1889
Charles H. Vail - Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry (1909)
Charles T[1]. McClenechan - Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Charles Whitlock Moore - The New Masonic Trestle-board
Chase G W - Digest of Masonic Law Being a Complete Code of Regulations Decisions & Opinion 2nd ed - 1863
Chase G W - The Masonic Harp - Odes Hymns & Songs 1858
Churchward A - The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry Connected with the Origin and Evolution of the Human Race 1920
Clerk T & Hogarth W - The Works of William Hogarth 1812
Clifford N F de - Egypt the Cradle of Ancient Masonry Vol I 1907
Clifford N F de - Egypt the Cradle of Ancient Masonry Vol II 1907
Clifford NF de What is Freemasonry 1915
Cole S - The Freemasons Library and General Ahiman Rezon 1817 Baltimore B&W
Colton W - Masonic Obligations 1826
Conover J S - Freemasonry in Michigan Vol 1 1897
Conover JS - Freemasonry in Michigan Vol II - 1898
Cooke M - The History & Articles of Masonry - 1861
Cooper-Oakley I - Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism 1900
Copy of Earl of Roths J - A Relation of Proceedings of the Kirk of Scotland 1637-38 - 1830
Corliss J B - History of Scottish Rite Masonry - Valley of Detroit - 1920
Cornelius Moore - The Craftsman And Freemason's Guide
Creech S W - Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Massachusets Lodge 1770-1895 1896
Creigh A - History of the Knights Templar of Pennsylvania 1867
Crocker HM a_series_of_letters_on_freemasonry 1815
Crossley H - History of the Lodge of Probity no 61 UGLE 1888
Curtiss J - Centennial Celebration of Harmony Royal Arch Chapter No 52 - 1894
David Bernard - Light on Masonry, a Collection of Most Important Documents (1829)
Davies H E - History of Freemasonry Among Negroes 1946
Davis W A - History of the Edinburgh Royal Arch Chapter no 1
Delany M R - The Origin & Objects of Ancient Freemasonry 1853
Denny J W - History of Joseph Webb Lodge - Boston - 1910
Dixon W - A History of Freemasonry in Lincolnshire 1894
Donaldson P - The Masonic Offering a Gift for All Seasons Faith Hope Charity 1854
Dow HM - The Masonic Orpheus 1870
Dring E H - Landmarks in the History of the Legends of Freemasonry 1907
Drummond JH - Masonic Historical & Bibliographic Memoranda 1882
Dunham JM -The Vocal Companion And Masonic Register
Dupanloup - Study of Freemasonry Translated From French 1876

Freemasonry (Author) E-H

Edward S. Ellis - Low Twelve
Egyptian Rite of Cagliostro (rite of Memphis)
Ellis EJ - A Little Bouquet From Our Masonic Garden 1895
Emmanuel Rebold - A General History of Free-masonry in Europe (1869)
Erk EF - A Merry Crusade to the Golden Gate 1904_bw
Evans A - The Mycenaean Tree & Pillar Cult 1901
Exposition Record - Masonic Hospital Activities NY - 1922
Fail L - The Irish Prince and the Hebrew Prophet, A Masonic Tale of Captive Jews and the Ark of Covenant 1896
Fellows J - An Exposition of the Mysteries 1835
Fellows John - An Exposition of the Mysteries (1835)
Ferry C E - History of the Lodge of Prosperity No 65 London 1893
Fiftieth Anniversary of Oakland Lodge No 188 - 1868-1918
Findel J G - History of Freemasonry - from its Rise Down to the Present Day 1866

And many many more!!!!

If I knew that 9 years ago I could just pay $20 rather than doing years and years of research and work, I would have easily taken advantage of this.

Let my hard work be your gain for a very small fee.