African American History Uncut

This collection is all about African American History.

WARNING - a few of these books are outright racist. But I believe in sharing literature without bias, and though I feel racism is inexcusable, the literature is still illuminating and will build a better understanding of what early African Americans have been through.

No one in the world is selling such a comprehensive collection of knowledge of early African American history. This is a true gem.

The Occult University Library is proud to present 269 rare books ...

The redistribution of the American Negro (1921).pdf
The religious development of the Negro in Virginia (1914).pdf
The Republican party and the Negro (1889).pdf
The Richmond Negro in New York City (1909).pdf
The road to righteous judgement; a brief on the negro question (1922).pdf
The social evolution of the Black South (1911).pdf
The southern church and the Negro (1889).pdf
The southern negro as he is (1877).pdf
The standard of living among one hundred Negro migrant families in Philadelphia (1921).pdf
The story of the Negro, the rise of the race from slavery (1909).pdf
The truth about lynching and the Negro in the South, in which the author pleads that the South be made safe for the white race (1918).pdf
The ultimate solution of the American Negro problem ([c1913]).pdf
The united negro (1902).pdf
The voice of the Negro 1919 (1920).pdf
The white man's burden ([c1910]).pdf
Thoughts on the Negro problem (1891]).pdf
To teach the negro history. A suggestion (1897).pdf
Twentieth century Negro literature; or, A cyclopedia of thought on the vital topics relating to the American Negro (1902).pdf
Two addresses on Negro education in the South (1890).pdf
Two examples of the negro's courage, physical and moral (1906).pdf
Type course of study for vocational home economics departments in negro schools (1920).pdf
Uncle Remus and his friends; old plantation stories, songs, and ballads, with sketches of Negro character (1892).pdf
Uncle Tom's cabin ; or, Negro life in the slave states of America (1852).pdf
Vital American problems; an attempt to solve the 'trust,' 'labor,' and 'negro' problems (1908).pdf
Wanted - Leaders. a study of Negro development (1922).pdf
Washington and Jackson on Negro soldiers ; Gen. Banks on the bravery of Negro troops ; Poem--the Second Louisiana, by George H. Boker (1863).pdf
What shall the Negro do (1887).pdf
Why is the Negro lynched (1895).pdf
William Thornton and negro colonization (1921).pdf
Your Negro neighbor (1918).pdf
1862 -- emancipation day -- 1884. The negro as a political problem. Oration (1884).pdf
A century of Negro migration (1918).pdf
A half century of freedom of the Negro in Ohio (1915).pdf
A narrative of the Negro (1912).pdf
A Negro schoolmaster in the new South (1899).pdf
A new Negro for a new century (1900).pdf
A short history of the American negro (1913).pdf
A social history of the American Negro (1921).pdf
A speech on the present duties and future destiny of the Negro race (1872).pdf
A study in black & white (1920).pdf
A study of the Negro tuberculosis problem in Philadelphia (1923).pdf
Alien Americans; a study of race relations (1936).pdf
Amendment to the negro soldier bill (1865).pdf
American dilemma; the Negro problem and modern democracy (unknown).pdf
American negro problems (1962).pdf
America's greatest problem; the Negro (1915).pdf
An appeal to Pharaoh ; the Negro problem, and its radical solution (1890 [c1889).pdf
An ex-slaveholders view of the Negro question in the South (1900).pdf
Characteristics of the southern negro (1910).pdf
Co-operation the solution of the so-called Negro problem (1908).pdf
Dietary studies with reference to the food of the Negro in Alabama in 1895 and 1896 (1897).pdf
Difficulties, complications, and limitations connected with the education of the negro (1895).pdf
Duplication of schools for negro youth (1914).pdf
Economic co-operation among Negro Americans (1907).pdf
Education of the negro (1869).pdf
Elm City; a Negro community in action (c1947).pdf
Equality, land and freedom ; a program for Negro liberation (1933).pdf
Exposure of negro society and societies (1916).pdf
Folk beliefs of the southern Negro (1926).pdf
Following the color line; an account of Negro citizenship in the American democracy (1908).pdf
From darkness to light; the story of Negro progress (1909).pdf
God's dealings with the Negro (c1919).pdf
God's image in ebony (1854).pdf
Half a man; the status of the Negro in New York (1911).pdf
Hall's moral and mental capsule for the economic and domestic life of the negro, as a solution of the race problem ([c1905]).pdf
Henry Evans and Negro Methodism (1914).pdf
Historical romance of the American Negro (1902).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 1 (1917).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 2 (1917).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 3 (1917).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 4 (1917).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 5 (1917).pdf
History of the American Negro and his institutions Vol 6 (1917).pdf
History of the Black man; an authentic collection of historical information on the early civilization of the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah (1921).pdf
How shall we help the Negro (1885).pdf
Is the negro making good (c1913).pdf
Lectures and addresses on the Negro in the South (1915).pdf
Light ahead for the Negro ([1904]).pdf
Masterpieces of negro eloquence (1914).pdf
Methodist adventures in Negro education (1922).pdf
Mind of the Negro; an intellectual history of Afro-Americans ([1961]).pdf
Minorities in defense (1942).pdf
Mississippi negro lore (c1914).pdf

And many more!

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