This collection is all about Metaphysics, or the science of being. Go everywhere and nowhere with this collection.

The Occult University Library is proud to present over 120 rare books ...

The problem of metaphysics and the meaning of metaphysical explanation; an essay in definitions (1902).pdf

The reaction against metaphysics in theology (1911).pdf

The Realm Of Mind (1926).pdf

The speculations on metaphysics (1868).pdf

The surd of metaphysics (1903).pdf

The theory of knowledge; a contribution to some problems of logic and metaphysics (1896).pdf

The world a spiritual system; an outline of metaphysics (1910).pdf

Thoughts on the metaphysics of theosophy (1883).pdf

A course of philosophy. Embracing logic, metaphysics and ethics. Designed as a text-book for the use of schools (1873).pdf

A first book in metaphysics (1912).pdf

A Preface To Metaphysics (1945).pdf

A realistic universe (1916).pdf

A system of metaphysics (1904).pdf

An Introduction To Metaphysics (1950).pdf

An introduction to the study of logic and metaphysics (1875).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 1 (1779).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 2 (1779).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 3 (1779).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 4 (1779).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 5 (1779).pdf

Antient metaphysics Vol 6 (1779).pdf

Aristotle on his predecessors, being the first book of his Metaphysics (1907).pdf

Beginnings of a New School of Metaphysics Three Essays in One Volume (1842).pdf

Being; a study in metaphysics (1911).pdf

Biological physics, physic & metaphysics; studies and essays Vol 1 (1910).pdf

Biological physics, physic & metaphysics; studies and essays Vol 2 (1910).pdf

Biological physics, physic & metaphysics; studies and essays Vol 3 (1910).pdf

Christian Science - pure metaphysics (c1917).pdf

Dialogues On Metaphysics And On Religion (1923).pdf

Discourse on metaphysics ; Correspondence with Arnauld ; and, Monadology (1902).pdf

Discourses on religion, morals, philosophy and metaphysics (1858).pdf

Dreams of a spirit-seer - illustrated by dreams of metaphysics (1899).pdf

Dynamic Idealism An Elementary Course In Metaphysics Of Psychology (1898).pdf

Elements of philosophy ; comprising logic and ontology or general metaphysics (1879).pdf

Epistemology; or, The theory of knowledge Vol 1 (1917).pdf

Epistemology; or, The theory of knowledge Vol 2 (1917).pdf

First and fundamental truths (1889).pdf

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Ethics (1900).pdf

And many more!!!

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