Etymology & Meaning Disc 1

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This collection has everything one needs to seek out origins and meanings of words in order to better understand reality. The world is made of words and in order to be more effective in it, we should know better not only how to spell, but how to spell the right words.

In an age where elitists are constantly altering/changing the meanings of words, it is imperative to understand their true meanings and roots, because that is the only way we will be able to properly read and understand history, as not to repeat the worst of it, and also to properly attain the wisdom of antiquity.

This collection is a must have for historians, truth seekers, and in depth researchers of literature.

The average book in this 204 book collection is over 120 years old and some go back as far as the early 1700s. Topics range from Etymology, Philology, Toponomy and include various old and renowned dictionaries including an amazing and HUGE 5,000 page Oxford English dictionary among others, including the earliest known.