The Book Of Courage

Have you lost a loved one? What if it's not a lost after all? What if your loved one departure was actually a message for you to live from a deeper place of love and self-awareness? What if it was a gift?

Souls are spirit travelers who make a brief stop on earth. They can come through a process of birth or through a simple encounter.

This book teaches in the end a three step-prayer that will help you spiritually explore the nature of the soul and live your best life from the lessons and gifts your departed loved one has silently left behind for you. 

Relationships are like trees. They plunge their roots into the depth of our soul. And when they happen to be suddenly removed from our lives, they pull out their roots as they move out of our soul.

As they begin the process of moving out of our own soul, we feel the pain. The heart that has to feel the force of such a pain needs to be assisted with courage. 

This is a book that will also help you deal with your own thoughts as well as own your emotions concerning your loss. This is a very interesting manual to embrace life at all levels possible. 

When it comes to death or life, you only take with you what you need. We came here in a body, because we needed the body. We leave here without the body, because we do not need it for the next journey.

It's only during our sejourn here that we accumulate and get attached to people and things because we suffer from amnesia. We forget that we are passing through. 

This book will show you in a clear language what we are as a Soul, what you can control, and what you cannot control. By reading the book, you will immediately begin to experience inner peace through the spiritual understanding of life and death.