AURAgram Digital Cards


Comes with the subliminal digital cards and the therapeurtic audio

During your 21 nights of using these subliminal prayer cards with the sound of laughter and ocean waves, your emotions will rise from the positive vibrations within the range of the seven colors of the rainbow and their influence on the brain into the four most powerful and positive vibrations beyond the range of the seven colors of the rainbow. 

The purpose of these digital cards is to raise your vibration into absolute automatic daily joy by training your brain with 4 Ingredients: Powerful Words Of Prayer + The Colors Of The Rainbow + The Sound Of Laughter + The Sound Of Ocean Waves (An audio specially designed for you to listen to during the usage of the cards). 

It's okay for you to laugh during the practice 

Avoid horror movies at all cost 

Rest your mind from all activities 30 minutes before practice 

The back and forth repeated movement of the body from Position A to Positive B during your practice will train your brain to generate happy hormones in the days to come whenever you perform the same movements to wake up from your bed every single day.

The brain will associate your body waking up movements with the therapeutic sound of the ocean, the laughter, and the prayer to generate a higher state of positive vibration automatically. 

During the day, your subconscious mind will be creating high vibrations as it sees the colors we have coordinated with the prayers used during the practice. This is the subliminal power of this tool. 

Most importantly, whenever you will face a challenging moment, all you will need to do is to imagine one of the colors or locate them in your surrounding or space, and mentally recite the prayer for your brain to automatically release high vibration hormones to help you stay grounded and clear.