Create Your Life Dream Journal

What if you could be the first prophet of your life? What if you could create by your God-Given Gift the map of your entire existence? 


Scripting is an ancient lost prayer technique to manifest any desire. The first time your desire appears in the physical realm is when it becomes visible to your eyes through scripting. In case you did not know that your dream, your purpose, and your life calling are all prayers that spring up from your heart, now you know. Now, you have a way to manifest them. Scripting is different from the regular journaling techniques you may be used to. Check it out for yourself. 

Dear Friends,

We are taking you into a new definition of a dream, a purpose, or a life calling beyond the conventional definition. We believe that before you can find the material definition of something you must first find the energy or spiritual definition of it. In this journal, we are taking you on a journey of your life dream discovery from a complete different angle. No more will you wonder: Why Am I Here?

Dreams are meant to be lived. Dreams are the fuel of a life filled with adventure and aliveness. Through Your Life Dream Journal, we would like to help you dream; but dream with precision and clarity.

As you follow the steps to dream in this book, you will experience a great sense of purpose, a daily enthusiasm, and the power of faith to design your own fate. Enjoy the process. This is a very simple but a powerful way to organize your mind, your focus, your emotions, and your energy in the right direction. 

This Life Dream Journal will also heal areas of your psyche that may have been holding you back from creating your best self and your best life. 

Much Love To You,
Alain & Danielle